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Novel Attempts Stalled

writers-block1I have two works-in-progress: Book one of a planned 6-book murder mystery series based on the short story Alexis’ Aggravation. Both the original story and the novel are collaborative projects. My co-author and I have been really busy the past few months and have sorely neglected Alexis – we need to get back to her. The story was written as an experiment to see if we could collaborate on a project and it turned out very well, which is why we decided to go forward with the novel. We got the first three chapters done, and stopped. We have been thinking about setting the novel up as a subscription series – where readers can read the first chapter free, then subscribe to subsequent chapters. This would give us an incentive to get it done, with deadlines for each new chapter to meet the subscription requirements. We will discuss that plan next month when we meet to discuss our progress (or lack of) on the novel.

The second novel is one I started in NaNoWriMo Camp in April. I did not meet my goals there, but did get over 5,000 words down — a mere drop in the bucket for a novel. The working title is 100 Years from England. It is a fictionalized version of a murder that took place in London in in 1849. I found the story when I was researching London in November, 1849 – 100 years before I was born. I had discovered that my  great, great, great grandmother was born on the same day as I was – exactly 100 years before me. My premise for this story is based in some fantasy/witchcraft idea about the woman who was hanged in London on November 13, 1849 being ‘re-born’ in a baby girl in rural Montana on November 13, 1949. I am stuck on making the transition. I have the London background and the current day girl (now experiencing her 18th birthday). I have established a tentative link by talking about odd dreams the girl has every year on her birthday – becoming more vivid as she gets older. And there I am.

I plan on updating this status within the next month – with good news!

Stay tuned