Personal Essays

personal essayThe links on this page will take you to a series of essays written about me, my family, and even a pet we once had.

My First Date

When I woke this morning, I knew it was a special day. My Dad winked at me over the breakfast table. “Don’t forget, today is your birthday, and I have a very special surprise for you.” Dad smiled. . . .

Sir Randall. . .

… the Amazing Tuxedo Cat

Sir Randall is an amazing cat. He hasn’t saved anyone from a burning building, nor has he trekked across the country in search of his home, but he is still an amazing cat. . .

One Hundred Years from London

My great-great grandmother, Caroline Elizabeth Jarvis, was born in Burmondsey, Surrey, England, on November 24, 1849. Her parents’ names were George Jarvis and Francis Hicks Jarvis.

Slow Motion Moments

Being a grandmother was never part of my life plan. I always knew I would have children, in fact I started pretty early with my first baby at 18. I never did think about being a grandmother. . . .

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