Visiting Granny

Her veined and age splotched hands were barely distinguishable from the faded coverlet as she nervously picked at loose threads. Wisps of yellow-grey hair flew about her wrinkled face, her eyes darting from the window to the door as if she expected someone, or something to enter either opening. She gasped and jerked as a tiny sound, like pebbles on the screen, came from the window. The stained light green cotton bed jacket slid off her bony shoulders with the movement. Whatever made the sound was gone now, but she still stared fearfully at the window. It was growing dark outside and she became visibly more anxious as the light faded. She sighed, lips flapping over empty gums while her teeth rested in a glass of murky water on the bedside table. Her surprisingly bright blue eyes closed and she thought, “I’m afraid to sleep, afraid not to sleep.”

In the hall outside the room, Alice wondered if granny would even know her if she went in. Ever since she came to this place, granny was getting really creepy and now that Alice had her driver’s license her mom sent her every week instead of coming herself.  It wasn’t fair. She sighed heavily, pushing slowly on the door, hoping granny would be asleep.

Dusk was quickly giving way to darkness as the night crept closer to granny’s window. She stirred restlessly in almost -sleep as she tried to remember what she was afraid of. The door moved slightly inward, fingers with green polish on the tips wrapped around the edge. Granny dragged herself awake and shrank back into the bed, staring at the door as shadowed eyes under blue and orange hair spikes peered from above the fingers. She thought she saw a flash of something, anger? defiance? in those eyes, then they were just Alice’s eyes, sad and a bit resentful as she pushed the door wide and strode into the room. “Hi, Granny.”

“Alice, what are you doing here? Where is your mother? I thought you mother was coming.”

“Uh, Mom said she was busy and asked me to come.” Alice’s eyes skittered around the room, finally lighting on the dark window. She walked over to it and started to pull the yellowed curtain aside.

“No! Don’t open it!” Granny was pushing herself down into the mattress, trying to get as far from the window as possible.

“What?” Alice turned to her grandmother, quickly dropping the curtain back into place, but not quick enough. Granny thought she saw something in the window before the curtain dropped. Something that looked shiny-red or slimy-red or maybe just red. Anyhow, whatever she thought she saw was enough to startle a soundless scream from her throat.

Disgusted, Alice flipped the curtain open again, watching granny, her back to the window. “See? Nothing there, you crazy old …” The end of her sentence was swallowed up when the window exploded in a shower of silvery glass.

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