fictionThis section holds many of my fiction stories. Most were written as contest entries, some won, some did not. Click on any of these links to read the stories:

Wrong Number

“Hold on! I’m coming!” Heath heard the cell phone ringing as he was trying to get his key in the door while balancing the pizza box from the take-out deli downstairs, his laptop case, and the extra large soda he knew he should have not bought.

“Wait a minute! My cell phone is in my pocket – and it is not ringing,” he thought as the soda tipped off the pizza box and splatted on the entryway floor.


I came of age in a time of no heroes. Oh, there were comic book heroes, super-heroes, but no real heroes. Nobody to show me how life was to be lived. I lived in a box under a bridge. It was the only home I could remember. I had no family . . .

What Happened in London: Part I & II

“Don’t you worry, Freddie, they’ll not win!” Marie whispered, nodding her head toward the crowd.

“Who’ll not win? God’s eyes, Marie, they’re about to hang us!” Frederick’s panic-stricken face sunk even lower, fear taking control of his limbs as he sagged under the arms of the guards.

Candlemas Bells

It was late January and Corrine impatiently waited for the first of the spring flowers to appear. She loved flowers much more than snow and it was days like this that made her wonder again why she moved to Minnesota from London after graduation from University. . . . . .

In Sickness and Health

Somebody once said that rain on your wedding day was good luck. Lucy could not figure out why anyone would think that as she looked out through the rain-streaked window. All she could see was .. . . . .

Jenna and the Burgler

Jenna knew she was not supposed to take the short cut home from school, but she figured that this one time it be would OK since nobody saw her turn off at the corner. Her big brother and his friends all ran ahead of her right after they left the school yard, even though their mom said he was supposed to walk her home every night. . . . . .


“Stop!” DeeDee yelled at her little brother, Mikey, who was running backward down the dock right at her table. She dropped the knife she was using to clean the day’s catch just as Mikey swerved past the table and tripped over an old cooler next to it,. . . . . .

The Duplicate Saloon

Doc pushed his hat back on his head, leaving a streak of dust rimming his forehead just above washed-out grey eyes. The dust clogged in the creases outside each eye as he squinted in the bright Arizona sun. His horse . . . . . .

Trial Run

Luanda was always late, even when whatever event she was attending was in her own home. She was always stopping on the way, distracted by something like a feather under the couch, then getting the dust mop out and dusting the room, then . . . .


I noticed the tumbleweeds last Saturday morning. It was the first time I ever saw that many tumbleweeds all at once. They rattled toward me as I scuffed down the road past a field that looked . . . .

Visiting Granny

Her veined and age splotched hands were barely distinguishable from the faded coverlet as she nervously picked at loose threads. Wisps of yellow-grey hair flew about her wrinkled face, her eyes darting from the window to the door as if . . . . .

Writing Contest

The short story contest was just about to start, and Evie anxiously waited for the prompt to be emailed. She just knew she would win this time! She had entered the contest every time it ran, but always came in somewhere past 5th place. There were . . . . .

Emma Sue’s Angels

When folks sat around and talked about that summer, they always said the same thing: “It was unseasonable hot that year.” When I heard that . . . .


Jade peaked through the window shade, scanned the street, murky with pre-dawn fog curling under the streetlights, sure the sounds she heard were from his motorcycle. Nothing there.

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