Writer’s Retreat

are you a writerThis weekend I will be attending the annual Arizona Press Women’s Writer’s Retreat in the cool pines near Payson, Arizona. It is hot down here on the desert floor where I live, so this will be a welcome relief from the heat as well as a good time to relax, recharge, and reflect on my writing projects.

I will be coming back here each evening to write about the day and the activities I will be participating in.


UPDATE: Unfortunately there was no Internet access at the retreat. If you would like to read about the retreat, you can go to my blog post at the Center for Writing Excellence.


Connections Through Writing

Social Media is part of our lives, some more than others. I have been on Facebook for several years now, and every once in awhile someone from my past pops up and we connect. Usually it is just through a post or two, but this morning I had a message from a sister-in-law I have not spoken to in over 30 years. A divorce separated the family back then, and we lost touch. I got her message this morning, “I don’t do Facebook much, but I would like to visit with you.” She left her phone number, and, curious, I called her. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I discovered that she, too, is a writer! She writes poetry and is combing her photography skills with her poetry, creating word pictures to go with the images from her camera. She promised to send me some, and, with her permission, I will share them here. She had seen some of my posts on Facebook about the Center for Writing Excellence and thought we should talk as she wants to expand her poetry/photography business.

It is amazing how small our world is, when you think about it, and even more amazing how 30 years can disappear in a few minutes on the phone! Every day I discover new friends and re-discover old friends through the Internet, and am always grateful when I find that we have more in common than I ever knew. Our conversation led to a promise to get together soon and catch up – after all, we have 30+ years of thoughts, writing, grandchildren and great grandchildren to share.

After speaking to my sister-in-law, I posted an essay here, one that I wrote two years ago after the birth of my grandson, because talking with her reminded me of the story of my becoming a grandmother when I was not paying attention. Slow Motion Moments is an essay about time flying by while standing still at the same time.