Archive | October 2014

More Stories Added

Good morning! I have added a few more stories to this site. First, there is a quick, 100-Word story I entered in a flash fiction contest. The story had to include the words jade, effervescent, and conduit. It was a challenge to get an entire story, beginning, middle, and end, into 100 words and make sure the three prompts were included. Let me know how you like Escape.  the

The second story is the Round One entry in the 2014 NYC Flash Fiction contest. My writing partner, Rhonda Jackson, and I placed 9th out of 25 entries, earned 7 points toward the Round Two entry. We will write that story on October 4 and, if we earn enough points with that entry we will move on to Round Three. Let me know what you think of Fresh Peaches and Old Business.