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New Stories Added

internet-for-webThe Internet is a great place to save your work. I found two more of my fiction stories lurking around in obscure files on my computer and thought I would share them here with you. My goal is to eventually find all the fiction short stories I have written and get them published here so they don’t end up lost somewhere in the archives of my laptop – or inadvertently deleted. Some of them have been published in an anthology I gave my kids a couple years ago for Christmas and maybe someday I will put together another anthology, but for now, they will reside here where I know I can find them!



My story, Candlemas Bells, won a door prize in the Writers’ Weekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest! This is what I won:

candlemas bells1 – Freelance Income Kit Includes:
— 1-year subscription to the Write Markets Report
— How to Write, Publish and $ell Ebooks
— How to Publish a Profitable Emag
— How to Be a Syndicated Newspaper Columnist Special (includes the book; database of 6000+ newspapers; and database of 100+ syndicates)

You can read the story by clicking on the name above, or the link in the menu bar. This is a prompt-driven contest. The Spring contest is now open for entries. The entry fee is only $5 and once you are given the prompt, you have 24 hours to write and submit your story. It is quite a challenge! The 24 hour period is over a Saturday and Sunday – the next one is on April 13-14, but you must sign up before then to be included. Try it! It’s fun and you might win something.¬†