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Waiting for responses from editors, publishers, etc. can sometimes seem like waiting for the baby to come . .

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Carly Simon sang this song on Martha’s Vinyard in 1987. It was the first thing that came to my mind this morning when my son told me that the doctor had advised his daughter  (whose due date is today) that she wanted to wait another week to see if the baby will come on her own. anticipationMy son is anticipating the birth of his first grandchild and is so excited. Little Elina (my second great-granddaughter) will come when she is ready, but the waiting is getting harder and harder for her family.

I started thinking about things we writers wait for – and anticipate. Here are the things I am anticipating right now:

  • Results from the Writer’s Weekly Flash Fiction contest. I entered in January and have about two more weeks to wait to see if I won.
  • The NYC Short Story Challenge. I entered with a writer friend a…

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