Writing Archives

I have been digging through my archives, finding some stories I wrote awhile ago, and resurrecting them. I found an article my dad asked me to write about his mother – she sent her six sons off to serve our country in World War II and the Korean War. There are only two of those sons left now, my dad went to join my mom in the spring of this year. Mom passed in 2004. It was good to read the article again, and I posted it here for you. It is called Six Sons in Service. The article was originally published in the Unita County Herald, the newspaper in my dad’s home town.

I also ran across a Western story I had written for a contest. It did not win anything, but it was fun to write. You might enjoy the Duplicate Saloon, if you like the rootin’ tootin’ bad guy looses and good guy wins kind of story. There are two personal essays in the collection on these pages so far. My First Date is all about my dad and Sir Randall… is a story about a tuxedo cat who graced us with his presence for several years. I am working on another story now, it will be fiction, but based on a true story my dad told me about a ring. Once I finish it, I will get it posted up here.

In the meantime, feel free to read my stories, articles and essays. Leave your comments and feedback. A writer always likes to know how her work is received. Thanks!


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